Selim and Sarah Gogus, London
United Kingdom

Merhaba Ayse Nur Hanim,
Oncelikle, hersey icin cok tesekkurler. Kapadokya'da balayimiz mukemmel gecti... her sey çok guzeldi. Aydinli Cave otel'de calisanlarda cok samimi bulduk. Turlar da çok guzeldi, cok duzenli sekilde gecti hersey. Keske daha uzun bir zaman kalabilseydik diyoruz!
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Tekrar cok tesekkurler,
Selim ve Sarah
Dear Ayse Nur,

I just want to thank you so much for organising our trip to Cappadocia. The tours that you organised for us were brilliant and we felt we saw the best and most of the area of Cappadocia in the time we had there. Our tour guides for our trips were very friendly and knowledgable and helped us to understand more about the region and make the most out the tours. The trip to the underground cities were very interesting and Goreme open air museum was fascinating. The Ihlara valley was beautiful and the walk along the valley was great! We also found our trips to the Onyx, Carpet and pottery (Chez Galip) works really interesting and our stops at various view points enabled us to experience and witness the true beauty of the area! By far our most favourite part of the trip was the hot air balloon ride - words cannot describe how breathtaking it was!

Thank you for making our honeymoon so special!

Selim and Sarah Gogus, London, United Kingdom