Nathalie Gehrke
Visiting Scientist at Zirve University, from Seattle Washington, U.S.A.

My time in the Gaziantep region was short, so I needed a travel agency that could help me make visits to the exciting historical areas nearby. I was delighted to find the Arsan Travel Agency and learn that a tour was scheduled to the Mardin area for the coming weekend. I hurried to sign up, and I am glad I did. The two-day tour was just what I was hoping for. I loved being part of a small tour group; I loved the friendly tour members, and I felt so lucky to have a tour guide who really knew the sights worth visiting and how to make us all get the most out of our visits. She was flexible, and funny, informative, and helpful. I have been telling my friends about Arsan, and I will be back to schedule more tours soon myself.